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Alarm and noise fatigue is a growing concern. Caregivers face a rapidly increasing number of alarm-based devices, more connected patients, and lack of standardization. Non-actionable alarms contribute to alarm fatigue, strain hospital resources, and adversely impact patient care.

Philips Healthcare Transformation Services can help you reach your alarm management and noise reduction goals. Our consultants follow the Joint Commission’s guidelines for effective staff education, reporting protocols, and best practice implementation, to develop a strategy tailored to your institution.

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Philips Alarm and Noise Management Consulting includes a phased approach
1. Performance
2. Improvement design
  • Conduct interviews

  • Analyze alarm data
  • Evaluate peak noise
  • Assess performance

  • Analyze workflow, assessments & procedures
  • Review options with SMEs
  • Create alarm strategy and roadmap

3. Implementation & change management 4. Monitor results
  • Communicate change mgt programs
  • Develop implementation plan
  • Educate staff
  • Implement new strategy

  • Monitor alarm & noise levels
  • Create support materials
  • Measure alarm & noise metrics

Sustainable alarm and noise management

No matter what size or type of department you work in, our team employs practical, data-driven solutions, and proven analytic methodologies.

From assessment of current alarm data and noise levels, through change management initiatives, and post-implementation monitoring, you can be certain results are comprehensive and sustainable.

Philips Consulting can transform your clinic

Reach your alarm and noise reduction goals

Let us help define an alarm and noise management strategy suitable for you and your patients. www.philips.us/healthcareconsulting

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