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Spectral mammography provides a unique method for objective quantitative measurements
of breast density

New spectral benefits, proven low-dose technology  

MicroDose SI is a scanning system that uses direct digital, photon counting technology to provide outstanding image quality at low dose. A further advancement of the technology makes it possible for MicroDose SI to perform single-shot, non-invasive spectral imaging.

MicroDose SI empowers you to :  

• Experience outstanding image quality at low X-ray dose
• Use objective spectral breast density measurement for your risk assessment
• Collect spectral data in a fast and comfortable mammogram without use of contrast media
• Gain patients and referrals by offering unique, patient-focused technology

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The first spectral application of the MicroDose SI, Spectral Breast Density Measurement, is designed to help you efficiently and objectively measure breast density. It uses spectral information obtained during a regular, low-dose mammogram to:

• Calculate the volume and the volumetric percentage of glandular tissue
• Assign the image a density score that is correlated to BI-RADS® breast composition score, which saves time in reading the images
• Store the breast density data in the DICOM header and as a DICOM structured report, to make it easy to display on the image on the workstation

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