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A refocused effort to address NCDs

Sound health policies and preventative actions show promise

The report, "Facing the Future: Tackling Non-Communicable Diseases in Africa," notes that in 2013 the World Health Organization recognized the need to address risk factors for NCDs in the African region.

Advances are being made. Whether it’s Egypt taking the lead in the fight against diabetes, or Uganda testing unique diagnostic protocols for breast screening, innovative solutions to overcome political, economic, clinical, and technological barriers have begun to make positive inroads. Insights into several of these solutions are discussed in this report.



Reducing repetitive strain injuries

Report topics:

-   Tackling obesity and the nutrition transition
-  Egypt: Leading the way in diabetes care despite political change
-  A rise in breast cancer mortality is not inevitable
-   Heart matters in Africa
-   Reducing respiratory disease: simplicity may be the answer

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