Making the difference with Philips Live Image Guidance

Making the difference with Philips Live Image Guidance

Philips NeuroSuite – a vision for innovative neuro interventions

Philips NeuroSuite features the AlluraClarity FD20/15 interventional X-ray system and the VasoCT advanced imaging tool. The AlluraClarity FD20/15 is designed to enhance treatment capabilities and support effective device guidance and placement in every neuro procedure.

Read clinical results from VasoCT

See how VasoCT enhances visualization of the vessel morphology. Get your free copy of the VasoCT Clinical Case report.

New in NeuroSuite: AneurysmFlow

Designed to provide relevant information based on quantification of blood flow changes to inform decisions.

NeuroSuite key advantages:

  • See details of vessels and devices you have never seen before
  • Experience new convenience and consistency with our enhanced neuro workflow
  • Expand your treatment options into new areas of care
  • Increased economic value

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