Patient safety is one of the biggest challenges in ensuring quality of care. Early Warning Scoring (EWS) can play a vital role in enhancing this. By spotting early, subtle signs of deterioration you can potentially improve patient safety and avoid transfer or ICU readmission.

Research shows electronic solutions can improve the implementation of patient safety guidelines, providing valuable clinical decision-making support through fast, accurate detection of changing patient conditions. Automated EWS further leverages these benefits.

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The study “Well-implemented EWS can help RRTs in improving outcomes” reviews the evidence for Early Warning Scores and improving Rapid Response Team performance, and investigates the practical implications of implementation and determinants of success.

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Up to 17% of patients in the medical surgical areas of the hospital experience an unexpected complication – but which ones? 1 Now you can spot subtle signs of patient deterioration sooner.

1 Bellomo R, Goldsmith D, Russell S, Uchino S. Postoperative serious adverse events in a teaching hospital: a prospective study. Med J Aust. 2002: 176:216-218

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