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Philips MicroDose SI: new spectral benefits, proven low dose

Like existing Philips MicroDose systems, the MicroDose SI system uses direct digital, photon counting technology. This unique technology has created a paradigm shift in mammography, allowing high dose efficiency with low radiation dose – without compromising image quality.

Now Philips adds new innovation to its impressive technology.
MicroDose SI provides spectral imaging of the breast within the standard low-dose mammogram, and without use of contrast media. But while the procedure is the same, the spectral images provide many new opportunities for measurement and analysis of breast composition like Spectral Breast Density Measurement.

See how you can experience imaging excellence at a proven low dose. Download the Philips MicroDose SI product brochure now.

Philips MicroDose SI delivers outstanding image quality and non-invasive spectral applications in ONE fast and comfortable low-dose mammogram. Learn more by watching the video below and fill in your contact details to download the product brochure.

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