Shear wave elastography
Non-invasive liver fibrosis assessment

Non-invasive liver fibrosis assessment

ElastPQ ultrasound shear wave elastography

Richard G. Barr, MD, PhD, FACR, Diagnostic Radiology, Hitchcock Imaging, Youngstown, OH

ElastPQ uses ultrasound shear wave elastography to provide a noninvasive, reproducible, and easily performed method of assessing liver fibrosis.

Learn about:

  • Liver Disease – cause and prevalence
  • Diagnosis and staging of liver disease
  • ElastPQ- a new era in liver disease assessment
  • Performing an ElastPQ shear wave examination
  • The potential for change in clinical practice and reduction in medical costs

  • Easily combine a routine ultrasound imaging exam of the liver anatomy with targeted tissue stiffness values
  • Assess liver fibrosis in patients with clinically suspected disease even before abnormalities are detected with ultrasound imaging
  • Evaluate and obtain a baseline stiffness value in patients with chronic liver disease
  • Follow up patients under treatment to monitor progression, stabilization or regression of liver disease
  • Help avoid the need for liver biopsies when elastography results are consistent with other clinical findings

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